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WCRC Class 33 Reskin Pack

This pack adds West Coast Railway Company Class 33s 33025, 33029 "Glen Loy" and 33207 "Jim Martin" to your Railworks Train Simulator game, all locomotives are fully Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Soundpack (Pro) compatible and also include 2D photo realistic nameplates for 33029 and 33207, these reskins have been produced by Lukas Repaints and for your enjoyment 8 realistic scenarios have been included for the Portsmouth Direct Line, Rivera Line, Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway, Southhampton To Bournemouth, Settle & Carlisle as well as one Bonus scenario for the Second Valve Swanage Railway route. 

Notable Features -

* 2D Photo Realistic Nameplates

* Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Sound Pack Compatible

* 9 New Scenarios


- RSC Class 33 Locomotive Pack (From Steam Store) 

- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Soundpack Pro (Optional/Can Run Without)

All Scenario Requirements Can Be Found In The Readme File...

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