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Class 33 33021 "Eastleigh" Post Office Red Livery Reskin

This pack adds a new locomotive skin for your Dovetail Games class 33 locomotive pack of the Churnet Valley Railway's 33021 in its current guise post office red colour scheme that was worn during the locomotives privatisation period of the late 90s/Early 2000s

Also included with the pack is a few scenarios for the Vulcan Productions Churnet Valley Railway Freeware Route Addon that can be downloaded from here.... 

Notable Features -

* Photo Realistic Nameplates Custom Built From Scratch By LJ Trains

* Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Sound Pack Compatible

* 4 New Scenarios For The VP Churnet Valley Railway


- DTG (RSC) Class 33 Locomotive Pack (From Steam Store)

- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Soundpack (Pro) - Optional/Can Run Without

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