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Class 33 33021 "Captain Charles" Bandit Livery (Plus Bonus 33102)

This pack adds a new locomotive skin for your Dovetail Games class 33 locomotive pack of the Churnet Valley Railway's 33021 in its rather unique Bandit colour scheme that was once worn by 33012 in the 80s and applied to 33021 in late 2012.

Also included with the pack is a bonus reskin applying the name of "Sophie" as carried by 33102 in its current guise to the BR Blue Class 33/1 model (Note: Does Not Overwrite The Original And Is A Separate Skin) 

Notable Features -

- Custom Child Object Decals (By Steve Davies)

- 3D Nameplates (By Steve Davies)

- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Sound Pack Compatible

Reskins Originally Created By Lukas Of "Lukas Repaints"

Note: Now Updated To Version 5!!

33021 Reskin Alterations -


* Red Buffer Beam & Silver Buffers Added

* Headlight Textures & Black Surrounds Added

* Cab End Numbers Added (See Image)... ->

33102 Reskin Alterations -

* Silver Buffers Added

* Orange Cant Rail Removed (See Image)... ->


- DTG (RSC) Class 33 Locomotive Pack (From Steam Store)

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