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About Us

Rail Enthusiasts With A Passion For Train Simulation

BLS - Friendly & Reliable Service Since 2017


Company Origins

British Locomotive Studios was formed in 2017 by founding members Samuel Beamon,

Will Braddock and Steve Davies with a simple goal of creating our own Train Simulator Development Team after the closure of Bluestar Simulations earlier that very same year.

After a couple of years of developing small fictional routes such as the

"North Walshire Railway" and "Swankage Railway" for Railworks Train Simulator

(Now Known As TS Classic) we started to introduce a more wider range of content spreading between 3 different simulators Railworks, Trainz and Train Sim World.


In 2020 British Locomotive Studios became associated with a variety of different and talented developers which increased there numbers from 3 to over 10 and released there first real world route "The Whitwell & Reepham Railway"


With the increase in Popularity within 2020 the Team Partnered up on a variety of different projects with top third party developers such as Steam Sounds Supreme and Vulcan Productions


Original British Locomotive Studios Logo - @2017 By James Hoyle

The Team

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals who specialise in Route Building, Reskinning, Scenario Creation and Sound Modifying

Founding Members
Samuel Beamon
Will Braddock
Steve Davies
The Co-ordinator
Jordan Deveson

Jordan Is the Co-ordinator for the BLS Development Team, making sure that all our current projects are progressing at a reasonable pace. He is also involved with route building, reskins & hosting the BLS Podcasts.


He also helps to organise events

within & around BLS including trips out to railways around the country.

Team Members
Lewis Brown (LJ Trains)

LJ Trains better known as Lewis, focuses primarily on TS Content this includes reskins (mainly Class 37s). He is also involved with our Trainz content which involves route building & sound mods. 

Jake Bonner

Jake helps us with the YouTube videos and has reviewed several BLS products, he has also started reskinning for TS Classic. He's been working closely with Will Braddock on the Peak Rail route as well as other routes which will be hosted on the BLS website. 

Daniel Wyatt

Dan is one of our Reskiners and our main Sound Technician for Train Simulator Classic, he also helps out on the administration side of BLS with Sam, Jordan, Will and Steve.

Sam Arner

Sam creates mainly reskins for Train Simulator Classic - at least within BLS. In terms of other things he volunteers at the K&ESR and at a smaller scale line in London.

Benjamin Puddick

Benjamin you may know him from his first BLS project -

the Spa Valley Railway. He has developed a love for scenario creating and route building within TS Classic. 

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