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Class 33 D6515 "Stan Symes" Reskin Pack

This pack recreates the origins of the 71A Group Owned class 33 crompton D6515 aka: 33012 taking you back in time to its early years in preservation. When first outshopped the locomotive was painted in the iconic original plain green livery and received the name “Stan Symes” in 1999 after the Bournemouth and Swanage Driver who had achieved 60 years on the footplate. In November 2002 the locomotive had the addition of the Small Yellow Warning Panels in time for the annual Swanage Diesels Day event. D6515 continued to operate until 2008 when it was sent away for a major overhaul at Eastleigh. In 2014 D6515 was renamed “Lt Jenny Lewis RN” (Present Day Variant Of D6515 Can Be Found In The BLS Swanage Diesels Pack)

Notable Features -

* 2 New Reskins For West Somerset Class 33 - D6515 in both Plain Green & Green Half Yellow Liveries

* Custom Child Objects Including Numbers, Nameplates & Builders Plates

* 5 New Scenarios For The Second Valve Swanage Railway Route

* Compatibility With Armstrong Powerhouse Class 33 Sound Pack (Pro)


- RSC/DTG West Somerset Railway Route Addon (Steam Store)

Note: Scenarios Require The Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack To Run

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