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GCR Non-Corridor Coach
Reskin Pack

Produced by Elias Dobner is this Great Central Railway Non-Corridor Coach Reskin Pack. Created from references of several preserved vehicles (big shoutout to the vintage carriages trust, the GCR heritage railway and Quainton Road for taking care of some many pieces of railway history), here are a set of 14 reskins to bring another companies’ passenger services back to life. The iconic Woodhead tunnels on the Great Central Mainline have been brought into the game many years ago, now is the time to get nostalgic! With the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway being renamed to GCR in 1897, hinting at its London Extension, the coaches represented in this pack cover the era from said change of names up to the first World War when the coach livery was changed to a more sparse one without lining or application of the rather modern crest (having been introduced in 1897 it mirrored to the progress and change in art styles compared to many other crests introduced during the first years of railways in the UK).

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