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Great Central Railway
Locomotive Pack

The Great Central Railway Locomotive and Scenarios pack is the ultimate GCR experience containing 20 brand new reskins and 14 new scenarios for the Steam Sounds Supreme Great Central Railway Route. This pack brings a majority of the diesel locomotive fleet to life, Class 20 D8098, Class 27 D5401, Class 31 D5830, Class 33 D6535 and Class 37s 37255 and 37714 are all painstakingly recreated with high-definition visuals, accurate livery and weathering applications as well as fully custom child objects and cab reskins. Also included are two new steam locomotive reskins Standard 5 number 73156 and Stanier 8F 48624.


Notable Features -

* Accurate Livery Applications Including Clean & Weathered Variations

* Custom Number Presents

* Full Compatibility with The Armstrong Powerhouse Enhancement Packs & Sound Packs

* Custom Child Objects Including Numbers, Logos, Nameplates & Builders Plates

* Immersive Scenarios Passenger, Freight & Shunting Operations

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who has updated or installed there Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 packs since the 28/08/2023 please install the AP Class 37 Patch supplied within this addon.

Main Requirements:
  • Bossman Games Stanier Class 8F Locomotive Pack (BMG Website)

  • Just Trains Standard Class 5MT “Advanced” Locomotive Pack (JT Website)

  • Steam Sounds Supreme Standard Class 5MT Enhancement Pack (SSS Website)

  • Just Trains Class 20 “Advanced” Locomotive Pack (JT Website)

  • RSC/DTG Class 27 Locomotive Addon (Steam Store)

  • RSC/DTG BR Class 31 Locomotive Addon (Steam Store)

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 31 Enhancement Pack (AP Website)

  • RSC/DTG Class 33 Locomotive Pack (Steam Store)

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack vol.1 (AP Website)

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack vol.2 (AP Website)

  • RSC/DTG British Railways Class 101 DMU Addon (Steam Store)

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 101 Soundpack Pro (AP Website) - Class 101 Reskins Won't Work Without It


More information can be found in the user manual

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