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BR Class 37 D6700 Locomotive
Reskin Pack

This pack adds 4 new reskins to your Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Vol.2 pack. The reskin pack depicts National Railway Museum owned Class 37 D6700 in its late 90s condition to the present day 2022 Condition. Also included with the reskin is a sound modification that replaces the default No.1 end cab "Squeaky Horns" to one of the Class 37 Vol.1 Pack low tone style horns to recreate two different low tone horn sound sets on either end of the locomotive as per real life (Note: This only applies to the D6700 reskins)  also the cab has been changed to a grey cab with NRN radios rather then the default BR Green cab to recreate an accurate representation of D6700s cab and features. 

Notable Features -


* Accurate Livery Applications

* Sound Mod (Enabling the Loco to Have Two Different Low Tone Horn Styles on Both Cab Ends)

* 4 New Standard Scenarios

* Trail Versions of Each Locomotive


Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.1

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.2

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