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BMG Black 5 Preservation/Mainline Reskin Pack

This pack adds Preserved Black Fives’ 45231 ‘The Sherwood Forester’ in it’s 2021 condition as well as 45305 ‘Alderman A. E. Draper’ in 3 guises, for Preserved Lines, the Mainline and specifically the ‘Polar Express’ from 2018, all with the latest Steam Sounds Supreme Enhancements. Pack Created By Sam Arner.

Notable Features -

* 3D Reskinned Nameplates

* Realistic & Prototypical Shed Plates

* Quick Drives

* Bonus Skin Of 44932


NOTE: The shed code upon release for 44932 will be incorrect, the geo file had to be altered to get it to show 10A and of course it cannot be released with an edited geo file so unfortunately it will have to carry that of 45407.


Essential Requirements:


- Bossman Games’ Stanier Class 5 (From Steam Store) 

- Sounds Supreme BMG Black 5 Sound Enhancement Pack

- Class J94 ‘Memories of Maerdy’ Loco Add-On (for Polar Express Lamp only)

Quick Drive Requirements:

- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1 + Mk2A-C Coach Pack

- Just Trains Class 20 Locomotive Pack "Advanced"

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