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GCR Cromwell Pullman Coaches
Reskin Pack

One of the biggest gaps on the SSS Great Central Railway Route for Train Simulator was the Cromwell Pullman Dining Set and now thanks to Daniel Wyatt the gap has been filled with 4 new reskins for the Armstrong Powerhouse Mk 1 Coach Pack Volume 1. 


Six BR Mk1 carriages were converted and renovated to Pullman standard, all but one in the workshops of the GCR itself.


At the heart of the carriage rake is a dedicated kitchen car RKB E1525 which was the only one to be renovated outside the GCR. Either side of this car are first class open saloons FOs E3092 and E3042 providing a total of 84 sumptuous seats in which to enjoy the gourmet meals. This allows stewards to serve guests from both ends of the kitchen car. Outside these dining coaches are two bar cars each with a lounge and bar area for pre and post dinner drinks. These utilised vehicles LFOs 1898 and 1899. Finally, a full brake BG E81343, with an exhibition space, completes the rake.

Represented in the pack is the BG, FO, TSO and RBR.

Special Thanks To Apache Train Sim for creation of the bat file and Jake Bonner for the stock sheet, Apon downloading please take a look at the stock sheet in order for the coaches to look correct in game HERE

Note: This reskin pack is currently not updated to work with the new AP Tread Brake Update for the Mark 1 & Mark 2 coach packs, if you have installed the latest version of AP Coach Packs these reskins will not work.

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