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NYMR: Pickering To Grosmont (With GGS PDSR Coaches)

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) is a heritage railway in North Yorkshire, England, that runs through the North York Moors National Park. First opened in 1836 as the Whitby and Pickering Railway, the railway was planned in 1831 by George Stephenson as a means of opening up trade routes inland from the then important seaport of Whitby. The line between Grosmont and Rillington was closed in 1965 and the section between Grosmont and Pickering was reopened in 1973 by the North York Moors Historical Railway Trust Ltd. The preserved line is now a tourist attraction and has been awarded several industry accolades.

In 2007, the railway started to run regular services over the 6 miles (9.7 km) section of the Esk Valley Line north of Grosmont to Whitby. In 2014, a second platform was opened at Whitby which allowed the NYMR to run an enhanced service and led to passenger numbers in the same year of nearly 350,000 people.

As of 2020, the railway ran for 24 miles (39 km). It is owned and operated by a charitable trust, with 100 staff who work full time, 50 seasonal staff, and over 550 volunteers. The complement includes 30 engineers. As of 2020, the "NYMR is the UK’s most popular heritage railway" according to a news report.

​The route currently represented in Train Simulator Classic by Steam Sounds Supreme and British Locomotive Studios runs 17 miles from Pickering To Grosmont and is modelled between the years 2019 - 2021, updates are in the planning to create the new carriage sheds at Trout Farm, add the new gated crossing at Pickering and extend the route to the popular seaside town of Whitby.


- 16 Miles Of Accurate & Detailed Scenery
- High Quality Custom 3D Assets (Including Stations & Landmarks)
- Standard 4MT Tender Loco 75029 “The Green Knight” Model (Courtesy Of SSS)
- 7 Highly Detailed Reskins With Accurate Livery Applications
- 11 Scenarios (3 Free Roams, 8 Standard)
- Quick Drive Scenarios & Consists

- Golden Goldsmith Studios PDSR Coaching Stock Reskins

Update History -

UPDATE: Version 1b

- Missing houses added
- Missing van asset added
- Class 37 rev quick drive consist fixed
- Scenario Steaming in the Rain pathing issue fixed
- 2014 Diesel Gala scenario removed


UPDATE: Version 1c


- BLS Scenario Fixes

- Victory Works *NEW* 9F now a QD option

- Golden Goldsmith Scenarios* PDSR carriage packs now included

- Manual updated



If you are still witnessing problems with scenarios either contact us at British Locomotive Studios or try downloading the scenario patch which can be downloaded HERE


For users of the latest version of the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coaching Stock with tread brake physics a patch is now available for the GGS Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway coach reskins: Available Here 


For users of the latest version of the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coaching Stock with tread brake physics a patch is now available for the NYMR coach reskins/consists:
Available Here 

Main Requirements:

    - Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 (OPTIONAL)
    - Thompson Interactive West Highland Line Extension (Steam Store)
    - Steam Sounds Supreme Stainmore, Shap & Eden Valley Route (SSS Website)
    - Just Trains Midland Mainline Sheffield To Derby Route (JT Website)
    - Just Trains Midland Mainline Derby, Nottingham, Leicester Extension
    - RSC/DTG Settle & Carlisle Route Addon (Steam Store)
    - RSC/DTG Great Eastern Mainline Route Addon (Steam Store)
    - DTG Riviera Line In The 50s Route DLC (Steam Store)
    - European Loco & Assets Pack (Steam Store)
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Clutter #1
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Ambient Audio #1
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Industrial #1
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Housing #1
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Foliage #1
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Blocks & Lofts #1
    - UKTS Freeware Pack Lavender Line Route
    - Vulcan Productions Grass Pack (VP Website)
    - Vulcan Productions Tree Pack (VP Website)

    The rest of the requirements for this route can be found within the route user manual.
Download The Route!
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