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NYMR: BLS Scenarios Patch & GGS PDSR Coaching Stock

This patch fixes the faulty scenarios that come with the SSS/BLS NYMR Pickering To Grosmont Route Addon for Train Simulator Classic and should now ensure that the ai traffic entering Goathland Station behaves with no issues. The diesel scenarios from Pickering to Grosmont have now also been patched so users can do the full run without being halted at a signal outside of Levisham.


This patch fixes the following scenarios:


- (BLS) D7628 To Whitby 2018
- (BLS) Class 24 To Grosmont
- (BLS) Steaming In The Rain
- (BLS) Steaming Through Yorkshire
- (BLS) The Rat Of The 90s


Note: This fix will eventually be incorporated into a NYMR Route Version v1c update in due course.

A Huge thank you to Jason of Golden Goldsmith Scenarios for permission for us to include the PDSR coaching stock packs within this package. It is worth noting though that these coaches are not yet updated to be used with the newly updated AP Mark 1s with tread brake physics, Although they will still show up in game apon install, If you have the tread brake update installed you won't get any sounds from the coaches and the bogie frames will be a bit buggy. You will still require to install these coaches for the NYMR Scenarios though as they can be seen as static stock to represent the Moorlander Pullman set at Grosmont.

Golden Goldsmith Scenarios Facebook Page:

You require the SSS/BLS NYMR Pickering To Grosmont v1b route and its designated requirements for this patch to work.

Requirements for the PDSR coaching stock can be found in the read me documents.

If you have any problems with this patch and if the scenarios are still not working properly please contact us via our

Facebook Page or email found below:


Download Below:

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