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Vintage Trains Coaching Stock Reskin Pack

This pack contains 9 Brand New reskins for the Armstrong Powerhouse Mk 1 & Mk 2 Coach Packs for Railworks Train Simulator, the reskins depict the modern era Vintage Trains coaches which are based at Tyseley and used on various railtours included are Mark 2s in both clean and faded variations, a mark 1 BSK, BFK & RBR and reskins of mark 1 coaches made to look like the metrocammell mark 1 pullmans.

Note: 17018 does not have a crest, this is based off the condition of the vehicle from September 2021 - April 2022. If you wish the vehicle to have a crest remove the ";L=0" in the scenario editor and the crest will appear. Mk1 coach "Eagle" is supposed to be a kitchen car but due to lack of a metrocammell pullman model it is skinned from a Mk1 FO instead.

As an extra addition you can find the Vintage Trains GUV 96100 on the 84F Website via the link below....

Features -

• Accurate Livery Applications

• High-Definition Visuals

• Pre-set Numbers & Bogie Types

• Custom Decals

• Shakespeare Express & The Plymouth Venturer consists (Made By Callum Calvert of 84F Works)

NOW UPDATED TO V1.2!!: This V1.2 update contains an optional patch for anyone who has updated to the latest version of the Armstrong Powerhouse Coaching Stock Packs from the 22nd November 2023, the patch enables our Vintage Trains coaching stock reskins to work with the new updated coaches and tread brake physics.

If you have any further issues regarding these coaches please contact us via our Facebook Page for support.


- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack vol.1

- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2A-C Coach Pack

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