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Steam Dreams RBR Coach Reskin
(Now With Cathedral Express Variant)

This pack contains two Brand New reskins for the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1 for Railworks Train Simulator, the reskins depict the modern era RBR coach as seen on many of the Steam Dreams and Cathedral Express Railtours.

Features -

• High-Definition Visuals

• Pre-set Numbers

• Custom 3D Coach Boards (With thanks from Golden Age Developments)

• Custom Steam Dreams Branding Decals

NEW: Updated to V1.2

- Includes 3D Coach Boards With Permission Kindly Granted By Golden Age Developments                                                              - E1666 In Cathedral Express Guise Now Added To The Pack

- Compatibility With Updated Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack (Tread Brakes)

Note: The original version of this reskin pack has also been included in the zip file for though's who refuse to update there AP Mark 1s to the latest version with Tread Braking. If you own the latest version of AP Mark 1 Coaches please install V1.2

If you own the previous version of this coach reskin pack and are updating to V1.2 please ensure you delete the geo files from the coaches and replace them back in again (This is to avoid any shader issues that may occur underneath the coach)

This addon is also available at Alan Thomson


- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack vol.1

- Golden Age Developments AP Mark 1 Coach Enhancement Pack

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