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Steam Dreams RBR Coach Reskin
(Now With Cathedral Express Variant)

This pack contains two Brand New reskins for the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1 for Railworks Train Simulator, the reskins depict the modern era RBR coach as seen on many of the Steam Dreams and Cathedral Express Railtours.

Features -

• High-Definition Visuals

• Pre-set Numbers

• Custom 3D Coach Boards (With thanks from Golden Age Developments)

• Custom Steam Dreams Branding Decals

NEW: Updated to V1.1

- Now Includes 3D Coach Boards With Permission Kindly Granted By Golden Age Developments                                                    - E1666 In Cathedral Express Guise Now Added To The Pack

Note: This reskin pack is currently not updated to work with the new AP Tread Brake Update for the Mark 1 & Mark 2 coach packs, if you have installed the latest version of AP Coach Packs these reskins will not work.


- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack vol.1

- Golden Age Developments AP Mark 1 Coach Enhancement Pack

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