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The Mid-Norfolk Railway Phase 1

The Mid Norfolk Railway is a heritage railway that runs from Wymondham To Dereham in the heart of Norfolk currently standing at 11 miles in length with future plans to extend to County School Station. This route addon at its phase 1 beta condition currently only runs half of the route from Wymondham Abbey To Thuxton with phase 2 underway of extending the route to make the full 11 miles to Dereham, future plans for the route also include the implementation of custom 3D models of buildings, signs and trackside items.

Features -

* Highly accurate trackwork and scenery from Wymondham to Thuxton (Including Wymondham Mainline Station)

* 4 Scenarios based on realistic workings between Wymondham and Thuxton

NOTE: This route is still a WIP so some areas could look under developed for reasons.

Bug Fixes - 

* DMU Destinations Now The Correct Way Round

* Scenario Spelling Errors Rectified

* Point work bug at Kimberley Greater Anglia Storage Sidings now fixed in DMU Scenario ensuring a straight run to Thuxton

* Quick drive scenario now fully functional and working

Main Requirements:
  • Thomson WCML Trent Valley (Scenery objects and lofts)

  • DTG GEML (Great Eastern Main Line) (Scenery)

  • DTG South London Network (Scenery objects and lofts)

  • DTG ECML South - London to Peterborough (Scenery objects and lofts)

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines (Signalling)

  • Gu Studios Breckland Line (Route Template, Textures and track)

  • DTG Academy Assets (Platforms)

  • AP Station Assets (Stations)

  • European Asset Pack (default Kuju assets)

  • DP Simulation Route Building Pack 01 (Wymondham Platform and scenery

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