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UKTS Freeware Pack Class 47s AP Sound Patch

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 47 Sound Pack owners no longer have to worry about broken sounds on there UKTS Freeware Pack reskins!! with this patch you can use all 180 class 47 reskins with AP sounds applied bringing to life over 15 years of work produced by various Train Simulator Third Party Developers. From preserved variants to unique liveries like Riveria Trains and to well known class 47s like 47145 "Merddin Emrys" its all here!! 




- Implementation Of Armstrong Powerhouse's fantastic class 47 Sounds to UKTS Freeware Pack Class 47s

- 14 Scottish Quick Drive Consists (To Replicate Scottish Class 47 Haulage In The Late 1980s/1990s)

- Full compatibility with UKTS Freeware Packs UK Classic Diesel & Electric #1 & UK Class 47 Pack


Requirements - 


- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 47 Soundpack (Pro) - Now Discontinued

- UKTS Freeware Pack UK Class 47 - Available Here

- UKTS Freeware Pack UK Classic Diesel & Electric #1 - Available Here

Preview The Patch In Action Via The Video Below...

Download Here!!

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