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Mid Norfolk Railway
Class 47 Scenario Pack

MNR Phase 1 Class 47 Scenario Pack Version History....


*First official release


* Added New Scenario "Duffs to The Mainline"

* Bug Fixes Of 47596 Going into The Wrong Road at Hardingham


* 1 New Scenario Added Utilising the Vulcan Productions Class 47 Pack

* Bug Fix of Heading into Wrong Road at Wymondham in "Duffs to the Mainline"

Main Requirements:
  • European Loco And Asset Pack

  • DTG/BMG Virgin Trains Class 47 Pack (Discontinued)

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 31 Enhancement Pack

  • Digital Traction 4MT Tank Addon

  • DTG/RSC Settle & Carlisle Route

  • DTG GEML Class 90 Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 90/DVT Loco Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse BR Mk 1 Coach Pack Vol 1

  • Armstrong Powerhouse BR Mk2A-C Coach Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse BR Mk2D-F Coach Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 168/170 Enhancement Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Loco Pack Vol 1

  • Donnington Reskins/Lazer Jet AP Green Mk 1 Coach Rusty Reskin

  • Backdated Trainsim NSE Revised Class 47 Pack

  • Vulcan Productions BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985)

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