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76084 Support Coach Reskin Pack "35457"

This pack contains two Brand New reskins for the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1 for Railworks Train Simulator, the reskins depict the modern era support coaches to recreate the variant of the 76084 Support coach number "35457" in both faded and clean maroon livery.

Features -

• Accurate Livery Applications

• High-Definition Visuals

* Clean & Faded Variations

• Pre-set Numbers

NOTE: This reskin pack has been updated to work with the latest version of the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack with Tread Brake physics, If you have installed or reinstalled your AP Mark 1 Coaches since November 2023 you will be required to install the AP Tread Brake patch file that is included within the zip file after the installation of the main reskins.

It is recommended if you are updating these reskins to incorporate the tread brake patch to remove the geo files and replace them back in. This will prevent any shader problems (More information can be found in the patch readme text document)


- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack vol.1

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