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LNER/BR Class J69 Locomotive Pack

Neil Cunningham (cunningn) has been working hard to bring the J69 locomotive into Train Simulator (Original Model By Brian Walker Converted From MSTS Into Railworks) The J69 (originally GER Class S56) was a class of 0-6-0T steam tank locomotives designed by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway. Together with some rebuilt examples of GER Class R24, they passed to the London and North Eastern Railway at the grouping in 1923, and received the LNER classification J69. The Class S56 were a development of the Class R24, being almost identical, apart from higher boiler pressure and larger water tanks. Twenty were built in 1904 at Stratford Works. They started life as passenger-equipped locos (unlike most of their predecessors which were shunting locos) and achieved fame on the famous ‘Jazz Service’ running the most intensive passenger service anywhere in the world at the time from Liverpool Street Station.


* 2 Livery Variations - LNER Black & BR Black

* User-selectable loco number and shedcodes

* User-selectable headcodes using either lamps or discs on front or back

* Passenger and Shunter versions of the basic loco - screw coupling and screw reverser for passenger and 3-link and lever  reverser for shunters

* Optional Westinghouse pump

* Optional Condenser apparatus

* Optional Cowlairs’ shunter’s step at the back of the loco.

Main Requirements:
  • Rustic Engineman's J15 Locomotive Pack (Steam Sounds Supreme)

  • European Loco & Asset Pack

  • Somerset And Dorset Joint Railway Route



* UKTS Freeware Pack Coaches

* Digital Traction Teak Coaches

* Digital Traction N2 Locomotive Pack


If you are still having issues with the LNER skin having Alpha Layer issues after downloading this pack and being seen as too shiny, please install the patch which should rectify your issues

More information can be found in the locomotive user manual

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