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LNER/BR J19 Locomotive Pack

Neil Cunningham (cunningn) has produced a new fantastic locomotive pack to bring the J19 locomotives into Train Simulator. The GER Class T77 was a class of twenty-five 0-6-0 steam locomotives designed by A. J. Hill for the

Great Eastern Railway.


They all passed to the London and North-Eastern Railway at the 1923 grouping and received the classification J19. These locomotives were a development of the GER Class E72 (later J18) and shared the same 20-by-28-inch (508 mm × 711 mm) cylinders, 4-foot-11-inch (1.499 m) wheels, and Belpaire firebox-fitted boiler. Changes included vacuum brakes from new, and the abandonment of cylinder tail rods.

All were still in service at the 1923 grouping, the LNER adding 7000 to the numbers of nearly all the

ex-Great Eastern locomotives, including the Class T77 locomotives. Between 1934 and 1939 all were

rebuilt with round-top fireboxes and the boiler used in the D16/3s, and the cylinder bore was

reduced to 19 inches (483 mm). The rebuilt locomotives were reclassified J19/2, while the yet-to-be

rebuilt locomotives reclassified J19/1. The J19/2 classification also included the 10 rebuilt former

Class E72 (J18) locomotives. Although the boilers were rated as 180Psi in the Claud’s they were

reduced to 170PSi in the J19 and then after the war the working pressure was reduced to 160 PSI

across the class as the additional tractive effort was not required. At nationalisation in 1948, British Railways added 60000 to their LNER numbers. They all continued in service until 1959, when the first was withdrawn; all were gone by the end of 1962.


• Highly Detailed J19 Model (Including Inside Valve Motion)

• 2 Livery Variants

   - LNER Wartime Black

   - BR Black

• User-selectable loco number and shedcodes

• User-selectable headcode Lamps

• User-selectable 3D headboards (See Manual for Details) 

• Accurate soundset analysed to the Digital Traction B12 (Required to Run the Addon)

• The ability to use the water troughs as supplied in the Riviera Line (Exeter to Kingswear) pack

Main Requirements:
  • Digital Traction B12 Locomotive Pack (Digital Traction Website)

  • UKTS Mike Round's K4 Locomotive (UKTrainSim)

  • European Loco And Asset Pack



  • UKTS Freeware Pack Wagons 

  • More information can be found in the locomotive user manual

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