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LNER/BR Class B17 Locomotive Pack

Neil Cunningham (cunningn) has been working hard to bring the popular B17 locomotive into Train Simulator (Original Model By Pete Harvey) the original streamlined B17/5 model by Pete on UKTS for Rail Simulator will be required to run this addon and it is certainly great to see this Great Eastern Workhorse being brought to life in the game to fill the gaps in any backdated GEML steam era routes!! 


* 2 Subclasses of B17/5 & B17/6 in LNER and BR Green Liveries

* User-selectable shedcodes, numbers, and headcodes using either lamps or discs

* A full set of 3D nameplates (including those for the 10 B2 conversions just in case Neil gets round to doing the B2s)

* Standard & Westinghouse variations

* The ability to use the water troughs as supplied in the Riviera Line (Exeter to Kingswear) pack

  •  Pete Harvey's B17/5 "City Of London" UKTrainSim

  •  Digital Traction B12 Locomotive Addon (For Cab, Tender Reskins & Additional Sounds)

  •  Settle & Carlisle Steam Specials (For 4200gal Tender Reskins)

  •  RSC Flying Scotsman Pack (For Sounds) 



More information can be found in the locomotive user manual

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