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GWR Non-Corridor Coach Reskin Pack

Produced by Elias Dobner is this lovely skin pack for GWR type non-corridor coaches!!! 

The passenger coaches of the Great Western Railway (GWR) were many and varied, ranging from four and six-wheeled vehicles for the original broad gauge line of 1838, through to bogie coaches up to 70 feet (21 m) long which were in service through to 1947. Vacuum brakes, bogies and through-corridors all came into use during the nineteenth century, and in 1900 the first electrically lit coaches were put into service. The 1920s saw some vehicles fitted with automatic couplings and steel bodies.

Early vehicles were built by a number of independent companies, but in 1844 the railway started to build carriages at Swindon railway works, which eventually provided most of the railway's stock. Special vehicles included sleeping carsrestaurant cars and slip coaches. Passengers were also carried in railmotorsautotrains, and diesel railcars. Passenger-rated vans carried parcels, horses, and milk and at express speeds.

Most coaches were painted in a chocolate brown and cream livery, although this did change over the years, however they were plain brown or red until 1864 and from 1908 to 1922. Parcels vans and similar vehicles were seldom painted in the two-colour livery, being plain brown or red instead, which caused them to be known as "brown vehicles".


- Caledonia Works: CR/LMS 6W Coaches

- TS Marketplace: Caledonian Railway 45ft Non-Corridor - Caledonian Railway Add-On

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