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Class 52 D1015 "Western Champion"
Chromatic Blue Reskin Pack


This pack adds a new locomotive skin for your Dovetail Games class 52 locomotive of D1015 in her current guise as of 2021 also included is two scenarios for the Steam Sounds Supreme Severn Valley Railway route.


In 1980 D1015 became the third locomotive to be acquired by the Diesel Traction Group (DTG), which already owned SVR residents D821 Greyhound and Hymek D7029. D1015 achieved main line certification in 2002, since which it has hauled over 60 rail tours as far as Penzance in the south and Kyle of Lochalsh in the north.

In 2002 and 2015 D1015 attended the diesel galas and in 2016 D1015 attended both the May diesel gala and the August ‘Western Weekend’. By December 2016 the DTG had entered into a running agreement with the SVR, when the locomotive returned following an issue experienced with the B engine during The Canterbury Champion rail tour.


In January 2017 the DTG announced that the engine needed to be replaced before D1015 could commit to further mainline running and an appeal for £50,000 was launched, which was rapidly filled, and the share offer closed the following month. The loco operated on one engine while two engines are rebuilt in parallel, one by DTG engineers at Kidderminster and one on their behalf in Germany. In August 2019 the locomotive moved to the Diesel Depot for a replacement engine to be fitted.

Notable Features -

* HD Textures & Visuals

* Accurate Livery Applications

* 2 Brand New Scenarios for The Severn Valley Railway Route By Steam Sounds Supreme

* Vulcan Productions Class 52 Megapack Compatible (Enhanced Clag)

* "NEW FOR V1.2" Bonus Skin D1015 Chromatic Blue (Mainline Condition)


- DTG (RSC) Class 52 Western Locomotive Pack (From Steam Store) 

- Armstong Powerhouse Class 52 Sound Pack (Pro) - With Extra Stock Pack

- Vulcan Productions Class 52 Mega Pack (From VP Legacy) 

Scenario requirements can be found within the scenario requirements text document.

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