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LMS/BR 3F 0-6-0 "Jinty" Preservation Pack

This is the Jinty 3F preservation pack created by The Erecting Shop for Train Simulator Classic. The pack contains all of the Jinty Tanks in preservation with all of there different variations of livery and variations of whistle sounds. As an extra feature all reskins have new particle effects which also applies to the default Meshtools Jinty's and any reskins associated with the pack. This excellent reskin pack brings to life a what is now considered slightly old DLC.

Notable Features -

* Accurate Livery Applications

* Custom Decal's & Shedplates

* NEW Particle Effects (For both the reskins and default Jinty skins)

* NEW Whistle Sounds (From the GCR, KWVR, ELR & Spa Valley)

* NEW Cab Interior Views

* Fully Reskinned Cab Interiors (Made to look more clean)

* TPO Compatibility For 47406

All locomotives show in the scenario editor under the brackets: (P) - Both Advanced [ADV] & Standard [STD] Versions Are Included

The new particles are from the Meshtools LNWR G2 "Super D". However there is also a folder included to change the particles back to default should you wish to do so. 

UPDATED V1.1: 47327 Late Logo now fixed and showing up in the listing correctly.

Future Updates:

Custom Builders Plates for each member of the class that requires them.


- Meshtools LMS 3F Jinty Locomotive (Steam Store)

- Meshtools LNWR G2 "Super D" Steam Locomotive Addon (Steam Store) - Used For The Particles

Watch The Trailer To See The Pack In Action!

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