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5029 "Nunney Castle" Support Coach Reskin Pack

This pack contains a Brand New reskin for the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1 for Railworks Train Simulator, the reskin depicts the modern era support coach to recreate the variant of the 5029 "Nunney Castle" Support coach in Chocolate & Cream Livery just like the real coach.

Features -

• Accurate Livery Applications

• High-Definition Visuals

• Pre-set Numbers

UPDATED: This pack has been updated to work with the latest update of the Armstrong Powerhouse Mark 1 Coach Pack Vol.1 a 2023 AP Tread Brake patch file has now been included which updates the reskins to work with the new Tread Brake physics. 


- Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack vol.1

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