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Class 70 "70012" Unbranded Freightliner Reskin

This pack adds a brand new reskin to your Class 70 Locomotive Addon Pack to recreate an Unbranded Freightliner livery representing 70012 the locomotive that was sadly dropped on arrival to the UK in 2011. 70012 is now used as a training locomotive at Erie Works Pennsylvania but “What If” it got bought into private ownership. For starters the Frieghtliner branding would have to be removed and the locomotive would need to be transported to its new location, with this reskin you could create a new journey for the lost 70012 or withdraw some current freightliner locomotives by renumbering the reskin to your choice!!

Features -

* Accurate Livery Applications

* Different Shades Of Paint Where The Branding Once Was

* Renumbering Capabilities


- RSC Class 70 Locomotive Addon (Steam Store)

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