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Class 66 66734 Platinum Jubilee
GBRF Royal Purple Reskin

As part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, 66734 (the Second) was unveiled from Eastleigh Arlington with a Silver & Purple (Pink) livery to commemorate the event, being named ‘Platinum Jubilee’. It also featured a Shield + Banner referencing this being the 100th Class 66 for GBRf, as well as the second to be numbered 66734 after the first was unfortunately involved in a derailment that led to it being taken apart.
This reskin depicts the locomotive as it was unveiled. Reskin By Sam Arner

Features -

* Accurate Livery Applications

* Photo Realistic Vinyl Nameplates

* Union Jack & Platinum Jubilee Decals


- DTG EWS Class 66 V2.0 (Steam Store)

- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack (AP Website)

- James Ivell’s Class 66 LED Lights Pack (ATS Website)

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