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Class 37/4 LSL Intercity Scotrail 37409 "Loch Awe"

This pack adds a brand new reskin to your Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Vol.1 Addon Pack to recreate the

Ex-DRS freshly repainted modern era Class 37 "37409" in its 2024 condition ​


Notable Features -

* Accurate Livery Applications

* 3D Nameplates

* Fully Reskinned Bogie's & Buffers

* Appropriate Cab View (Includes GSMR)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This reskin only works with the fully updated version of the AP Class 37 pack from the 28/08/2023, if you have a previous version installed prior to this update the reskin will not work and it is recommended to update your class 37 pack. 


- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.1 (Latest Update Version)

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