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S&D Goods Stock Reskin Pack

Produced by Elias Dobner is this Somerset and Dorset Goods Stock Pack, The Somerset and Dorset Railway had a long a varied working life, this pack depicts the era between around 1900 up to its amalgamation, forming part of the LMS. Initially formed as an independent company, the Somerset and Dorset Railway Company suffered from low income which led to several accidents and incidents on the line, consequently forcing the main shareholders, the LSWR and MR to take action. This committee soon started to tidy things up and the rural line was now worked in a responsible manner. Contained in this package are a variety of goods wagons commonly seen on the S&D, to revive this rather nostalgic rail network from the very first days of RailSimulator.


- DT L&Y A Class Pack
- BMG LMS Stanier Class 8F 2-8-0
- SSS Wycombe Railway Wagon Pack
- SSS West Somerset Wagon Pack
- SSS Stainmore, Shap & Eden Valley Route

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