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Nene Valley Railway Whistles & Horns Patch

This patch fixes the audio issues with the locomotives and rolling stock that comes with the First Class Simulations Nene Valley Railway route addon. When installing the NVR route addon into Open Rails various locomotives suffer with an audio problem of the Whistles and Horns being extremely high pitched. This patch simply lowers the pitch so that the correct sound can be heard.


This patch applies to the following locomotives:

- Bulleid Pacific 34081 “92 Squadron”

- LNER Thompson B1 “Mayflower”

- BR/NVR Class 08 Shunter

- BR Class 14 D9516

- BR Class 14 D9523

- BR Class 31 31108

- BR Class 40 D306 “Atlantic Conveyor”


- MSTS Nene Valley Railway Route Addon (Amazon)

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