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Network Rail Stock Pack Vol.1

This pack contains a variety of different Network Rail Vehicles from Mark 1 & Mark 2 coaches to GUV'S and VCA'S. Also included is two class 37s owned by the Harry Needle Railroad Company numbers 37610 and 37612.

Special Thanks to 84F Works who aided Sam Arner with the bat file creation. 

Features -

* Custom Decals (HNRC Logo's & Numbers)

* Clean & Weathered Versions Of 37610 & 37612

* Custom Quick Drive Consists

Now Updated To: V2.4 - Removes non-GSMR fitted versions of 37610 and includes AP Class 37 patch file made by Matilda Bennett

IMPORTANT NOTE (Class 37s): Anyone who has updated or installed there Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 packs since the 28/08/2023 please install the AP Class 37 Patch supplied within this addon. 

IMPORTANT NOTE (Coaches): This reskin pack is currently not updated to work with the new AP Tread Brake Update for the Mark 1 & Mark 2 coach packs, if you have installed the latest version of AP Coach Packs these reskins will not work.

Main Requirements:
  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.1

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2D-F Coach Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2F DBSO Coach Pack

  • DTG BR Blue Pack 2 Diesel Electrics Pack

  • TS Marketplace VCA 45t GLW 2 axle vans Wagon Pack

  • Cynx Wypac Lights Mod for AP Class 37 (Download Here)

And Finally

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 67 Enhancement Pack (For Quick Drive Consists Only)


More information can be found in the user manual

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