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Experimental "Triang" Blue Class 31 D5578 Reskin Pack

There is an interesting story behind this reskin pack and it is more of a "What If It Survived". A few months back we came across a photoshopped D5578 running on Network Rail test trains. Mistaking it for a real photo we decided to do a reskin pack on it only to find out it was a fake photo that someone made based off of the old Triang 00 Gauge Class 31 Model Train Livery, fictional or not the livery is very smart and gives us an interesting imagination of what could of been. What if D5578 survived? would it of been painted in this livery? well now you can imagine that within your Train Simulator 2021 game. Reskins By Will Braddock.

Notable Features -

* 4 Variations Including Clean And Weathered Variants

* Customisable High Intensity Headlight Positioning (See AP Class 31 EP Manual For Details)


- Armstrong Powerhouse Class 31 Enhancement Pack (AP Website)

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