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BR Standard 7MT Britannia BR Express Blue

This reskin has been brought to you by Jordan Deveson of British Locomotive Studios and the concept behind it is a “What If”, What if a Britannia was painted in blue? Would it look good or would it look bad you decide. This fictional repaint was inspired by the fictional BR Express Passenger Blue 70000 "Britannia" as seen in Roblox Grand Continental Railways by ThatTimeLord

Notable Features -


- Accurate Livery Applications

- Two Tender Variations (BR Late & Early Crest)

- Appropriate Cabview (With Correct Bodyside Colours)

- Compatibility With The Steam Sounds Supreme Sound Pack

Note: Reskin has been designed to match the colour pallet of other BR Express Passenger Blue steam locomotive reskins available from British Locomotive Studios.


- Just Trains BR Standard 7MT "Advanced" Locomotive Addon (JT Website)

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