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Elham Valley Railway 2023 Route (Beta)

The Elham Valley Railway is a 13 mile long heritage railway, 7 stations running from Peene the headquarters of the railway all the way to Canterbury South. The railway has some steep gradients along the line so it can be a challenge for drivers to keep to time. More history & more of the fictional story will come with the final release of this route.

This route for Train Simulator Classic is a fictional route based on a real railway in the south east of England so is not 100% accurate to the real thing. This route is still very much a WIP route so there are some areas that don't have scenery added but

will have when the final full route is released.

This Beta is a Discord Exclusive and will require you to sign up to Discord and join the British Locomotive Studios Discord server in order to obtain this route.

UPDATE 2023: Now updated to have more scenery both lineside and distant between Peene and Canterbury South.

2 Free Roam Scenarios are included with the route, however players will need to place there own trains down within the scenarios.

Main Requirements:
  • Discord - Social Media/Community App

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Signals Enhancement Pack

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines Route

  • Alan Thompson Sim - Cambridge to Peterborough

  • ALGB - Rail & Lattice Signals (UKTS 32114 & 32041)

  • DTG - Chatham Mainline: London Victoria & Blackfriars - Dover & Ramsgate

  • DTG - Southampton - Bournemouth Route

  • DTG - Fife Circle Route Addon

  • Golden Age Developments - Dorset Coast, North Somerset, Signalling Equipment & West of England Mainline.

  • JustTrains - Community Library (Common Library)

  • JustTrains - Complete Midland Mainline Route (As Of December 2023)

  • MichaelWhiteley - EE Type 3B

  • RSderek - WearValleyRailway

  • RSC - West Somerset, Woodhead, Doncaster Works & AP Stations

  • Steam Sound Supreme - Stainmore, Keighley & Worth Valley, West Somerset

  • Thomson - WCML TrentValley

  • Vulcan Productions - Grass, Trees, Road & Track Packs.

  • Chaddock Engineering LNWR Sheds, Turntables & Water Towers (BLS)

  • UKTS - Branchlines of East Grinstead ( 40761 ) Plus all asset packs related to it. (40726, 40728, 40729, 40730, 40733, 40739, 40740, 40741, 40743, 40744, 40746,40754, 40760)

More information on route requirements can be found in the route manual.

Discord Exclusive!
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