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Ultimate Rat/Mcrat Sound Mod Version 3
For the DTG Class 24, 25 & 27 Diesel's!

Originally released in 2017 the Ultimate Rat Sound Mod was removed from the freeware market due to complications with rights to the use of certain sound files. With this latest release we have rectified this by making the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 24,25,26,27 Sound Pack a requirement for the pack, if you do not own this sound pack the alternative is the use of the UKTS Freeware Pack Diesel sounds which will automatically apply to the models instead of the AP sounds if you have this installed.




- Implementation Of Armstrong Powerhouse's fantastic Sulzer Type 2 Sounds To DTG Class 24,25 & 27 models as well as VP Reskins

- Brand new custom horn sounds for all variants of locomotives recorded from 24081, 25059, D7612 & D5401 edited with precision by us here at British Locomotive Studios

- Altered flange squeal and rail joint sound effects


- Full compatibility with UKTS Freeware Pack Diesel Class 24 Sounds (As an alternative if the AP Sounds are not installed)


Requirements - 


* UKTS Freeware Pack UK Classic Diesel & Electric #1 - Now Available Here

* Armstrong Powerhouse Class 24,25,26,27 Sound Pack (Optional)

NOW UPDATED TO VERSION 3!!: Features brand new easy to use .exe Installer!!

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