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GWR "Large Prairie" 5199 Reskin (As Preserved) 

This pack adds two brand new reskins to your Train Simulator Classic install using the Precison Locomotive Developments GWR Large Prairie Addon. These reskins represents 5199 in its GWR Green Livery between the years 2022 - 2024. The reskin features both variants of Burnished Smoke-box, rusty and non-rusty. Also included is a 75 Minute scenario for the Steam Sounds Supreme West Somerset Railway Members Edition V3 route.

Notable Features -

* Accurate Livery Applications

* Burnished Rusty & Non-Rusty Smokebox Hinges

* 1 Brand New Scenario For West Somerset Railway Members Edition V3


- Precision Locomotive Developments GWR "Large Prairie" Class Addon (PLD Website)

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